Fall Schedule

  monday       8am -9:30        TRX/vinyasa    andrea

                   10am-11:30      stretch              andrea

                    5:30pm -7        stretch              andrea

tuesday       10am-11:30       stretch             karen


wednesday   9am-10           TRX/stretch     andrea    
                    10am-11:30      gentle              andrea

                    4pm-5:30          stretch             andrea

                    6pm-7:30          stretch             andrea


thursday      9am-10:30        stretch             andrea

                   11am-12:30       gentle              andrea

                    4pm-5:30          stretch             jeanne


friday           8am-9:30          vinyasa           andrea

                   10am-11:30       stretch             andrea


saturday      8:30am-8:50     TRX   $5          andrea 

                    9am-10:30        stretch             andrea


 sunday       10am-11:30       stretch             andrea 


The Yoga Studio

Peddler's Village Shopping Center

Route 24  302-542-8529

email ~ theyogastudio24@verizon.net

class prices

90 minute Drop~in  $20    
4 class package      $72
8 class package     $128
17 classes  $256
3 months unlimited classes $400

cash & checks are preferred credit cards accepted
class packages expire after 1 year. no refunds
though you may transfer to a friend if you are unable
to complete the package. except 3 months unlimited

class descriptions

gentle yoga is best for those who have any limitations with mobility including knee/hip replacements, arthritis, sciatica, disc issues, etc.

bring a blanket.

stretch class  is for all levels of experience, including beginners.  bring a clean blanket.

vinyasa this is for people with yoga experience. We begin on the floor and then up to our feet to flow from pose to pose.  bring a mat and a clean blanket.

TRX/stretch 30 minutes of strength training followed by    

                    30 minutes of yoga . bring a mat.

                    all levels welcome.

TRX/vinyasa  an advanced class combining strength training and vinyasa. must have experience in stretch classes.  bring a mat.

saturday  10/1​    12pm

Bhakti Yoga- the yoga of love and devotion.  Our  guest Madhuri will lead a kirtan.  free event, donations are accepted. no reservation required.

sunday  10/ 2

trx workshop

12pm-2   $35

call or text to reserve a space

limit 10 people