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            class descriptions

gentle stretch is best for those who have any limitations with mobility including knee / hip replacements, arthritis, sciatica, disc issues, etc. 

bring a blanket.

stretch  class  is for all levels of experience, including beginners.  Props are used to acclimate the postures to your personal needs.   bring a blanket.

TRX  -  strength training using resistance straps followed by yoga.  must have taken stretch class before attending this class.  bring a mat.  

vinyasa this is for people with yoga experience. We begin on the floor and then up to our feet to flow from pose to pose.  bring a yoga mat and a blanket.

belly dancing- offered to all levels.

We ask you to bring a "throw"  blanket to lay on top of the blankets that we provide, to help keep ours clean.

If you forget yours, no worries,

we will provide you with one !


10am stretch with Andrea


8am vinyasa with  Andrea

9am TRX with Stephanie

10am stretch with Andrea

5:30pm stretch with Andrea


9am stretch with Mimi

10am Tai Chi with Joyce

11am stretch with Mimi

7pm belly dance with Katerina


9am TRX with Andrea

10am gentle  with Andrea

4pm stretch with Andrea

6pm stretch with Andrea


9am stretch with Andrea

11am gentle with Andrea


8am vinyasa with Andrea

9am TRX with Stephanie

10am stretch with Andrea


9am stretch with Andrea

enlightenment events

Profound  Sound Meditation

Dive deep within yourself.

Rest, Recharge, Receive inspiration!

using a variety of instruments, Julie creates a cocoon of sound that will embrace you in peace and relaxation.

Sunday, December 10th

12pm-1:15   $15   or use a class from your 

                                 card. not unlimited yoga card

No registration required

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Stretch YourSelf video 

DVD or Thumb Drive

By Andrea Kennedy

Andrea guides you through poses that release muscular tension and quiet the mind.  To follow the video you will need a chair and a wall. At the end you will have the option to get on the floor or into your bed for a twist and a guided relaxation. Great for beginners with safe effective poses and lots of instruction.

​total time 50 minutes.

     DVD or thumb drive $25 + $5 shipping

Tai Chi with Joyce

Learn the art of this gentle exercise that can help maintain strength, flexibitly and balance. It could be the perfect activity for the rest of your life. Beginners welcome!

Tuesdays 10am-11

$13 drop-in  or

$10 per class when you pay for 6 or more

 "Stretch YourSelf"  

​This new book offers 3 different lessons varying in length. The photographs demonstrate proper alignment which is essential. The sequence of the poses will create a release of muscular tension though out the body as well as decompress the spine. Decompressing the spine means you are taking pressure off the discs and nerves, preventing bulging discs from happening and preventing bulging discs from herniating. Props such as a chair, a wall, tie, blankets or couch cushions are used to create support in the postures. The support allows you to relax into the postures with ease.

​​​$35 + 5 shipping

Here's a little peak into The Yoga Studio

new edition book

The Yoga Studio

Peddler's Village Shopping Center

Route 24  302-542-8529

email ~

Gift Certificates Available

  give the gift of yoga  

  • purchase any number of 90 minute yoga classes @ $15 per class

  • Private sessions $75

         A one -on -one session usually begins by looking at

         Mr. Bones to understand your anatomy issues and

         discussing any physical limitations or concerns. This is 

         a great time ask questions regarding what poses can be

         practiced at home and recommendations for substitute  

         poses for those that  don't work for you during class.

  •  7 yoga classes &  private yoga  $180

  •  Yoga  Therapy $85   3 for $ 245

          therapy sessions are hands on support and         

          adjustments, suited to your specific needs.

yoga prices  

90 minute classes

Drop~in  $20    

4 class package      $72

8 class package     $128

17 classes  $256

3 months unlimited yoga classes $400

(TRX, balanced athlete, tai chi, etc. are not included
in 3 month unlimited package)

cash & checks are preferred
credit card sales will include 3% transaction fee.
class packages expire after 1 year.
no refunds though you may transfer to a friend        
if you are unable to complete the package,
excludes 3 months unlimited package.